Monday, April 09, 2012

Lil Wayne's Sk8ter Boi Gang Jumps Paparazzi

Lil Wayne and his gangsta skateboard gang roughed up a photographer who wouldn't let them skate in peace...

According to reports Lil Wayne and his skater crew were shredding outside a Miami Church right up under a no skateboarding sign when a paparazzo started taking pictures.

It was all good until it started to rain and Lil Wayne and his crew headed for their cars with the photog following closely behind, snapping pictures all the way. That's when things went left.

According to the police report filed the the photographer Lil Wayne ordered his goons to take the dude's camera and kick his ass. The photog claims Lil Wayne's do-boys spat in his face, pushed him to the ground and destroyed his bicycle after deleting the pictures from his camera.

An investigation is pending.