Friday, May 04, 2012

Pilar Spills the Tea in Court

Yesterday during opening arguments for Pilar and Deion Sanders divorce a bit of piping hot tea was confirmed for the masses...

Last September fuzzy photographs of an alleged Deion Sanders in bed with an 18 year old jump off and text messages allegedly between Deion and the jump surfaced online [click here if you missed that].

Days later rumors spread that Deion was filing for divorce from Pilar, which Deion immediately denied, calling the rumors 'ignorant [click here if you missed that].'

Three months later the divorce was announced, now fast forward to yesterday's opening arguments.

The first thing out of Pilar's attorney's mouth was that this whole thing was just a diversion because Deion got caught in bed with an 18 year old girl. 
"He got caught with an 18-year-old girl… a 44-year-old man with three children, with an 18-year-old girl."
Deion is driven by money and sex daily, he said.