Friday, May 25, 2012

Willow Smith Gives Up Pop Career for Ballet

Will Smith says his daughter Willow has given up her pop career to pursue ballet and explains how she decided in the middle of touring with Justin Bieber that she just didn't want to do it anymore...

Will Smith tells talk show host David Letterman,
"We really tell them (the kids) they are allowed decide what they want, (and) when they want to do it... We were out in the middle of the huge Justin Bieber tour, Willow is out there and it's great, and in the middle of the tour she had an epiphany that she wants to do ballet."
"I look at her and I say, 'Baby, can you do ballet after the tour?' and she said, 'No daddy, I really just love it, I'm so inspired..."
"She just loves ballet. She's doing ballet all day, everyday and she just loves it."