Friday, August 17, 2012

Dream Hampton Done with Hip Hop

Earlier this week Dream Hampton caused a firestorm online after revealing that Nas used Jay Electronica and Stic Man from Dead Prez as ghostwriters for his Untitled album [click here if you missed that].

After being discounted and attacked by fans and rappers alike, Dream addresses the issue once and for all and vows to be done with hip hop...

Dream writes,
I began my writing career calling out Dr Dre for his misogyny. My friendship with Jay Z began when I reviewed Reasonable Doubt and called Jay out for his hyper-capitalism. I was not 'calling out' Nas by telling the truth about Stic writing whole bars (ne songs) on Untitled. I was telling a truth to someone who thought his most radical ideas were his own. They were not. I'm unsurprised that these men have circled around their lie.
I'm unmoved by the misogynist threats I'm receiving in open forums (last night Just Blaze tweeted I should be "bled out"). But I am done. I may not be done talking about this (unsubscribe to my feed, I will block as I see fit), but I am done with hip hop and men who collude to silence women. And done with women who are happy they're not me. Don't worry. You could never be.