Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MiMi Faust Goes Off

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's MiMi Faust is sick and tired of people talking trash about her situation with Stevie J and goes off in a curse filled rant...

In a segment on Jermaine Dupri's web series 'Living the Life' MiMi screams into the camera,
“All you muthaf**king bitches who talking s**t about me and my situation get the f**k out of here. You act like I’m the only bitch that’s been cheated on. All you muthaf**king bitches been cheating on! Alll y’all!”
“Like I’m the only bitch that been cheated on!? Y’all muthaf**kers. Please! OK!?. My s**t is just on TV and I was real about my shit I ain’t f**king lie, I told the gotdamn truth, so f**k y’all and your f**king opinions about me and muthaf**king life!”