Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gloria and Laura Govan Get the Axe?

Last week Laura Govan trashed Shaunie O'Neal after Shaunie suggested Basketball Wives LA was due for a make-over [click here if you missed that].

Laura should have asked Shaq what happens when you mess with Shaunie O'Neal, because insiders say Laura AND her sister Gloria just got the axe from the show...

From TMZ,
Sources connected to the show tell TMZ the producers are getting rid of Gloria, Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo and Brooke Bailey because the wives, especially Gloria, weren't allowing "all of their reality to be filmed."
We're told the breaking point came when Gloria (who is known for her feisty ways) jetted off to Vegas to marry Barnes -- and didn't even let the show know about it. Our sources say the producers felt extremely disrespected by her actions and made the decision to clean house.
Our sources tell us the producers haven't told the wives they're getting fired yet, but are already looking for new women to fill their spots.