Thursday, October 25, 2012

Laura Snaps on Shaunie and the Jump-Offs

Last week, after criticism from fans about Basketball Wives LA being boring as hell, Shaunie O'Neal hinted the show was headed for a complete make-over [click here if you missed that].

Well, Laura Govan says it's not up to Shaunie to decide...

Laura tells Sister 2 Sister,
“Shaunie has nothing to do with ‘BBW: L.A.’”
She does however agree that changes should be made,
“If it’s ‘Basketball Wives,’ then let’s hold this title. At least have some basketball affiliation. At least keep it in the group, just have an affiliation. I’ve been with my guy 12 years, regardless of marriage or not. I’ve paid my dues. Give me some people who have paid their dues.”
“At the end of the day, the title is called ‘Basketball Wives,’ at least play basketball. Let’s not just have the groupies. Get that for another show. That could be the jump-off show.”