Friday, November 30, 2012

Fantasia and Antwaun Back with a Vengeance

Apparently Fantasia and and her baby daddy Antwaun Cook are back together and when Fanny posted a picture them on her Instagram page, one of Cook's aunts had something to say about it...

In the hot exchange Fantasia tells Twaun's aunt,
"'I'm No Punk. Don't talk mess on here. We grown. Your [sic] more than welcomed to come to my home. Face to Face. Women to Women. I don't do this. I look up today and This!!! Come on now you older then me doing this. Again Lol!!! I don't even know YOU...Sad part is its all over how many pics he has of Dallas. Sad!!! But then they come get my baby and pretend. They will NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN."
"Won the case...Antwuan had other women THAT SHE KNEW ABOUT but I'm the homewrecker!!?? I really don't do this, but like I said I'm no punk!!!"