Monday, December 10, 2012

Chad Incriminates Himself and Evelyn

Last month fans of Chad Johnson and Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada picked up on the fact that, although they have a no contact order from the judge, Chad and Eve often communicate with each other on Twitter using codes [click here if you missed that].

The other night Chad admitted that the code rumors are true...

After a fan asked Chad straight up, 'Why do you and Evelyn be sub-Tweeting?' Chad replied,
"Whoever @'s who first goes to jail, no contact order, Im enjoying sneaking around"
After realizing he'd incriminated both himself and Evelyn, Chad quickly deleted the Tweets but not before they were re-Tweeted by hundreds of people.

Chad was ordered not to contact Evelyn after head butting her during a fight 41 days after they got married [click here if you missed that].