Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Fantasia Fires on TGT

Over the weekend Fantasia opened for TGT at the Atlanta Civic Center and somewhere along the way things went left...

Apparently TGT [Tyrese Ginuwine and Tank] did not allow Fantasia and her band to get a sound  check before the show causing problems during their performance. 

Fantasia called TGT out without mentioning their names telling the crowd,
“My background singers say they can’t hear. See here’s the problem ATL and you know I’m gone keep it real, real, real. Sometimes we do shows with people and they allow to get our sound checks. Sometimes they don’t. But that just only lets me know one thing…and I’m gone keep that to myself. So we are not haters. We like to perform with people. But sometimes they don’t like to perform with us.”
But that's not the worst of it. During the next song the background singers mics were cut altogether and Fantasia walked off the stage.