Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Frank Ocean's Cousin Suing Chris Brown

Back in January Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got into a skirmish over a parking space at an LA Recording studio [click here if you missed that].

Frank's cousin, who was assaulted during the brawl, is suing Chris Brown...

Frank Ocean's cousin Sha'keir M. Duarte claims an employee of Chris Brown's named 'Hood' punched and kicked him while Chris egged him on.

According to the lawsuit Chris Brown's Lamborghini was parked in Frank Ocean's space when Frank and Sha'keir arrived at the studio. As Chris was leaving Frank questioned him about parking in his assigned spot and that's when Sha'keir claims Chris and his posse moved toward them in a menacing manner and Chris gave the order to "Get that ni**er!"

Sha'keir claims he sustained 12 kicks to his head and body as he lay on the ground.

Sha'keir is seeking unspecified general and punitive damages, court costs and attorney's fees.