Monday, December 16, 2013

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan Planning Extravagant Summer Wedding

Insiders say Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan are pulling out all the stops for a lavish wedding next summer...

From The National Enquirer
MICHAEL STRAHAN is secretly planning an over-the-top $2 million-plus wedding to fiancee Nicole Murphy that will feature everything from gold limos to a galaxy of A-list stars.
Insiders say his spectacular wedding to Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife next summer is a blatant attempt to capture the spotlight – a move that could shake up the “Live Kelly & Michael” set.
“Michael is a show-boater – it’ll be a super-lavish affair,” declared an insider.
“He wants to get married in Manhattan with a reception that will cost a bundle. He was even saying it would be cool if he and his bride could exchange vows at the top of the Empire State Building!
“He wants to arrive in gold limos and plans to have a Who’s Who of famous stars, politicians and sports celebrities on the guest list.
“With an exotic honeymoon thrown in, it’s estimated that the bash will cost more than $2 million.”
Meanwhile, his fiancee Nicole is no stranger to extravagant weddings. Back in 1993, she reportedly blew $1.2 million when she walked the aisle with Eddie at New York’s Plaza Hotel in front of 500 guests, including Bruce Willis, Queen Latifah and Bill Murray.
“Michael wants Nicole’s wedding to Eddie to look like a kiddie party in comparison,” said the source.