Friday, January 17, 2014

Internal Affairs Investigation Opened in Chris Brown Case

Back in October Chris Brown was arrested in Washington D.C. for punching a fan in the face.

At the time police officers and Secret Service agents gave conflicting reports about what happened with the Secret Service backing up Chris Brown [click here if you missed that].

Now an internal affairs investigation has been opened on the officer accused of lying on Chris...

From Billboard
District of Columbia police have opened an internal affairs investigation into statements made by a police officer who responded to reports that singer Chris Brown had punched a man outside a Washington hotel.
The investigation centers on a disputed conversation between the officer and an unidentified acquaintance of Brown, discrepancies that will likely be important for the authorities to reconcile as the criminal prosecution moves forward. The apparent inconsistencies are described in charging documents laying out the basis for the assault case against Brown and his bodyguard.
The acquaintance reported being told by the officer that the alleged victim said Brown never hit him, according to the police records. The officer was then interviewed by detectives and denied having even spoken with the acquaintance. However, a uniformed Secret Service officer at the scene told detectives that he overheard the conversation with the officer and confirmed the acquaintance's story. The accuser also denied having told anyone that Brown never struck him, the documents state.