Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kanye West and the Agony of Defeat

Sources claim Kanye West's stinky feet are getting in the way of his relationship with Kim Kardashian...

From The National Enquirer 
“Kim adores Kanye, but one thing that turns her off big-time is bad B.O.," said a source.
“She says Kanye’s feet smell like rotten cheese when he takes off his shoes, so she insists he washes them every night and coats them in baby powder before he can get into bed with her. But the biggest problem is his armpits, even though he uses deodorant. He’s even tried shaving his underarms but that didn’t help either.”
“Kim wants to be married by summer,” another source added. “But it would be a nightmare for her to be walking down the aisle and holding her nose at the same time!”