Thursday, January 30, 2014

Michelle Williams NOT Embarrassed by Beyonce

Earlier this week former Destiny's Child Michelle Williams was quoted saying she was embarrassed by Beyonce hyper-sexual new album [click here if you missed that].

That's what she said, but it's not what she meant...

Michelle tells The Insider
“What I meant was…I would never say that [I was embarrassed] about my sister’s work. She has a great body of work, an amazing catalogue … I love her work. Could you imagine your little sister or someone finally deciding ‘I am going to be free and liberated in every way I know how musically which means I’m going to be a little more sexier. I’m going to let you all know, I am drunk in love, I’m happy …’ I didn’t mean I’m a nun and…‘shame on you’ that is not what I meant.”