Friday, February 07, 2014

Testimony From Phaedra Parks Defamation Suit

Details from Phaedra Parks defamation lawsuit against Angela Stanton leak online...

From Radar Online
According to court documents obtained by, Parks is suing one-time pal Angela Stanton for claiming she often “dressed up as a dominatrix” and owned “a den for S&M!”
Stanton first made the claims in her book, Lies of a Real Housewife and subsequent interviews with Parks sued Vibe for defamation, and though that case was dismissed, her lawsuit with Stanton is ongoing.
In Parks’ complaint in the Vibe case, she slams Stanton for saying”Just about every conversation Phaedra and I had would result in her talking about sex. She would often elaborate about her performance of some type of sexual act.”
And if that wasn’t enough, Stanton once said, Parks would provide photo evidence. “She also shared her personal photo album with me,” Stanton alleged, according to Parks’ complaint. “There was all kinds of pictures of her dressed up as a dominatrix, bent over, and posing in different positions. I was shocked …” Adding to the intrigue at Parks’ home, “There was a pair of handcuffs attached to the headboard [in her bedroom],” Stanton claimed. “Whips, and freaky-ass underwear were hanging everywhere. This was a den for S&M. Her tools were openly displayed as if she wanted people to know she was a freaky woman.”
Parks says that’s absolutely not true, although she did once attend a Halloween party dressed as a dominatrix, complete with whip. The case is ongoing in Georgia court.