Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Casper Smart Caught Creeping with T-Girl?

Two years ago video blogger Bimbo Winehouse exposed Jennifer Lopez's current boy toy, Casper Smart, after catching the back-up dancer exiting a gay peep show [click here if you missed that].

Has Casper been caught in a new gay romance..?

From The Dirty
Nik, sooo my homegirl has been talking and linking up with Casper Smart for a week now… they met online and I guess they Both follow each other…. she texted me saying they exchanged pictures XXX’s… and what not… I’m liked shocked… didn’t know he was down for Us beautiful Transexual WOMEN. I myself didn’t believe it…. I’m like Casper Smart? JLo’s MAN!!!!!!! Guess he likes beautiful women and the best of both worlds… crazy what a simple hello and simple talking and flirting can end up to…. My girl said she seen him a few times and he picked her up in his big truck…. I didn’t believe it so I asked for screen-shot and here they are. I guess my friend Sofie is f*cking Casper Smart.. I’m asking for more screenshots she has them ALL.

Go to The Dirty for the text message screen caps