Friday, May 30, 2014

Mariah Carey Causes World Music Awards Show Telecast Cancelation?

Earlier this week it was revealed that Mariah Carey had shown up four hours late to the World Music Awards throwing everything off schedule [click here if you missed that].

Did MiMi's tardiness cause the entire telecast to be scrapped..?

From Newsday
Some viewers, probably many viewers, tuning in to NBC Wednesday night for a telecast of the "World Music Awards," taped Tuesday in Monte Carlo, instead saw a repeat of "Last Comic Standing." Reasons? Unclear. NBC's more or less official explanation is that technical difficulties beset the taping, although what those could be beggars the imagination.
As widely reported, Mariah Carey was late to the awards -- one or four hours late, depending on which tabloid report you choose to believe. There's certainly no reason, however, why that should derail the taping itself, unless a satellite uplink had to be cancelled as well due to the delay. (The awards show proceeded as planned, even though it was indeed late.) A planned live stream of the red carpet was also cancelled last minute. Meanwhile, NBC has yet to confirm a new date.