Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Michael Jackson Molestation Accusations Surface

A former child actor who appeared in a Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson when he was 10 years-old has come forward with fresh molestation allegations…

From The Daily Beast
The latest sexual assault complaint, filed in court last Friday, remains sealed, but two sources close to the case revealed that the man involved is James Safechuck, who appeared in a Pepsi ad featuring Jackson in 1987 and proceeded to have a close association with the singer for several years.
Safechuck was mentioned as a potential abuse victim by employees of Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in court documents filed ahead of the star’s 2005 criminal trial, but he always denied that Jackson had molested him. Now, the sources said, Safechuck’s complaint claims that Jackson groomed him and molested him for several years beginning when he was 10 years old.