Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sherri Shepherd Break-Up Turns Nasty

Earlier this week it was rumored that Sherri Shepherd and her husband of three years Lamar Sally were going through a rough patch [click here if you missed that].

That's not even the half of it…

According to TMZ Lamar is the one who filed for legal separation and he wants full custody of an unborn child he and Sherri have gestating right now via surrogate. The baby is due July 28th.

Lamar filed for separation May 2 in LA and plans to change his petition to divorce once he meets the 6 month residency requirement.

Lamar, who has retained the same lawyer used by Kevin Federline in his divorce from Britney Spears, is seeking alimony and his pre-nup voided on the grounds of fraud.