Friday, June 13, 2014

T.I. and Tiny Still Firing Shots

The public bashing back and forth between warring husband and wife T.I. and Tiny cooled down a bit last week but it looks like battle is heating up again…

Earlier this week T.I. took shots at Tiny while he and Trey Songz were being interviewed by DJ Whoo Kid.

During the interview Trey quipped, 'These hoes ain't loyal,' in reference to Chris Brown's hit single, and  T.I. replied,
“Ain’t that the gadamn truth! When they doing the remix? I'll record that muthafucca right now!"
Then last night Tiny posted a clip from Nicki Minaj's new single Pills and Potions proclaiming it her jam singling out the lyrics,
Ay yo they could never make me hate you/even though what you was doing wasn’t tasteful /even though you out here looking so ungrateful/I’mma keep it moving be classy and graceful…/
the saga continues…