Friday, June 13, 2014

Yvette Nicole Brown and the Importance of Arensio Hall

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown blasts Arenio Hall's talk show cancellation and defends his relevance for Black artists…

Yvette writes on her Facebook page,
To those critiquing the quality of Arsenio's show in their eyes allow me to add this...
Every other late night host is allowed YEARS to find their groove. When things don't work initially or there's a slow start they give them time to find their space. Somehow poor initial ratings are never due to something lacking in their ability or worthiness to be a late-night host. But somehow that all comes into question if it's an Arsenio or George Lopez. In those cases it's all about a kanye shrug and a sad-faced, "Welp, we tried!"
Also, to the comment I deleted referencing the "irrelevancy" of Arsenio's guests, I'm going to assume you are too young to have seen his previous show where he LAUNCHED the careers of irrelevant actors, singers and comedians who were "irrelevant" or unknown as I prefer to respectfully call them ONLY because they hadn't received the PR push that others receive just by merit of skin tone.
This is a serious problem in this industry and I was going to stay PC and quiet. But the playing field is NOT level and anyone who doesn't see why a show like Arsenio is needed in the late night landscape is viewing the issue thru privileged eyes.
He has the skill to host. His guests are worthy of a late-night couch visit and that is and will remain the truth.
If given the time others are afforded to get his footing he'd be a lifer like they are. You know, lifers, those who get to keep their late-night job as long as they want it.
That is my continued two cents on this utter foolishness.
Now runteldat.