Monday, July 28, 2014

50 Cent Attacks Jake Gyllenhaal?

Back in 1999 rapper LL Cool J famously got into a fist fight with actor Jamie Foxx on the set of Any Given Sunday after catching real feelings about what was happening in the scene [click here if you missed that].

They say 50 Cent pulled an LL with Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of their new movie 'Southpaw…'

From The National Enquirer
“Jake Gyllenhaal and rapper turned actor 50 Cent were NOT pulling punches on the set of their new boxing flick “Southpaw” when “Fitty” - once a real life street fighter/drug dealer – started jeering nastily at Jake’s boxing moves, then climed into the ring to give him some “friendly” pointers and …POW-BAM-SMASH!...the dueling duo abruptly started boxing for real!“
“Said My SpyWitness: 50 Cent plays a boxing promoter in the film and at one point he started offering Jake some ‘friendly’ off-screen advice on how to play a professional boxer.  
But things got heated as he kept taunting him about his boxing skills. So 50 Cent got into the ring, and suddenly started slamming his co-star with powerful left-right combinations. Jake suddenly went down, but jumped right back up and started flailing back at 50! The blows got harder and harder, and that’s when the director suddenly leaped into the ring and forcibly separated the anger-driven actors!”
No one was declared the winner – but Fitty was flat-out warned: Stay OUT of the ring and do NOT slug the star of our film…EVER!”