Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keyshia Cole Exposes Husband's Affair with Rapper Diamond

It's no secret that Keyshia Cole and Daniel Boobie Gibson's marriage ended after a cheating scandal but did you know rapper Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob, was one of the players…?

Keyshia Cole dropped the bomb on the Breakfast Club after Angela Yee asked Keyshia why she commented, "Niggas ain't shit but hoes and tricks," under a picture of Diamond and Angela on Instagram.

Keyshia didn't hold back at all telling Angela,
"Why would I follow Diamond [on Instagram] if I had a problem with her...One thing about the industry is that it's all's all love. Hey, if you're smashing the homie, you're smashing the homie..Don't be cool with me one day and then when you smash my ex, you don't want to talk to me no more."
Next came the obligatory sub-gramming.