Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Mase Slams Interviewer for Rap and Religion Questions

Born again rapper Mase rips into interviewer after he tries to question him about being a rapper and a pastor…

Konan of 92Q Jams caught up with Mase at the BET Awards Radio Broadcast Center and asked him “so the people want to know, are you preaching or are you rapping?”

Put on the spot Mase went off,
“Actually the interview right now is about music. It’s time for us as Black people to realize that we can do more than one thing.”
“I think to put someone in a box is somewhat narrow-minded.”
“I only get questions like that from the east coast like Baltimore and New York.”
“I can’t be focused on church questions with HOOD people.”
“If they want to talk about church, they have to come to church and if they want to talk about music, we’re on the air for music and nothing else.”