Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nelly Clowns Floyd Mayweather

Its not bad enough that he stole his girl [click here if you missed that], now Nelly is taking shots at Floyd Mayweather's lack of education…

Over the weekend rapper Nelly and Floyd Mayweather's ex-fiance Shantel Jackson got under Floyd's skin by flaunting their new relationship on social media [click here if you missed that].

Yesterday in an interview on Highly Questionable with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones on ESPN2 Nelly took another shot at Floyd clowning the champ for not finishing high school.

When Le Batard and Jones asked Nelly for the history on his beef with Floyd Mayweather Nelly replied,
"I don’t have a beef with Floyd Mayweather. For me…for the most part… I think the whole thing is misunderstood….I try to understand where he’s coming from, which is a little hard to do…." 
"He’s one of those people who don’t like the word no said to him and I think if anybody does that, I think that’s what kind of gets underneath his skin a little bit…but I don’t know… its kind of hard talking to a guy who hasn’t graduated from high school…."