Saturday, August 16, 2014

Phaedra Parks Guilty of Stonewalling Lawsuit?

The battle between Phaedra Parks and Angela Stanton rages on with Angela accusing Phaedra of hindering the process of her lawsuit…

Everybody knows Phaedra Parks sued Angela Stanton for defamation of character after Angela published her memoirs 'Lies of a Real Housewife' where she accuses Phaedra of being a criminal mastermind who abandoned her after she was caught stealing cars under Phaedra and Apollo's orders [click here if you missed that].

Now Angela is accusing Phaedra of not cooperating with her counter-suit.

From Radar Online,
“Parks frequently refused to answer questions and discuss topics that have the strongest relevance to the instant case,” the documents claim, “thus thwarting truth-finding function of the discovery process and impeding ‘the progress of this case and possible rulings’ . . . Namely, she refused to answer any questions regarding her relationship with and knowledge of the criminal activities of her husband, Apollo Nida, a man with numerous and recent convictions and financial crimes.”
“This is a line of questioning that is very clearly and very obviously relevant to the ultimate question in this case,” the documents continue, “i.e. Whether a reasonable person could believe that Parks herself was involved in the sort of criminal activities described in Stanton’s book.”
“Questions regarding Parks’ knowledge of, benefit from, and participation in her husband’s criminal schemes are very obviously relevant to the issue in this case …” the documents insist. “This is particularly true given that the schemes described by Stanton in her book (insurance fraud, forgery, VIN fraud) closely resemble the financial crimes for which Mr. Nida has been convicted. Yet throughout her deposition, Parks refused outright to answer any questions regarding her husband or her knowledge of her husband’s involvement in criminal schemes.”
The case is ongoing.