Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Lil Wayne Moves Cash Money Lawsuit to New Orleans

Yesterday there were reports that Lil Wayne dropped his $51 million lawsuit against his record label Cash Money [click here if you missed that]. 

Turns out the reports were only half right….

Weezy did drop the suit in New York so he could refile it in Louisiana.  

Lil Wayne's lawyers tell Rolling Stone Magazine Cash Money CEO Birdman and his brother Slim were preparing to contest the location of the lawsuit so Weezy dropped the case and moved it to save time. 

The lawsuit is still full steam ahead. 

Wayne is seeking $51 million plus ownership of Drake and Nicki Minaj. 


Anonymous said...

didn't one of the commenters in the other post mention that the lawsuit had been moved? maybe some of these commenters should update this site, they seem more up-to-date with what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Worth more dead then alive is how these hollyweird folks think

Anonymous said...

You need to get the real story before publishing it, Wayne man its that young Frankenstein still hu? That cat came out to your house wit his bee bee gun, so you put it up on block, had ta pay them lawyers, I understand Wayne good for you, continue to go after your money bird and young Frankenstein try'en ta run off with, go get'em Wayne get what belongs to you,after all this is said and done, what label will you be at? are you still thinking of master p and no limit? if so you probably would put them back on the map, I don't know if you've already signed with no limit but if so are you guys working on a new CD? You better come correct Wayne because young Frankenstein's cd is out here creating a lil buzz, so you need to bring it Wayne, make bird regret what he did and beg you back lol

Anonymous said...

When i see him i just think damn he show is UGLY. I don't mean natural UGLY...He made himself UGLY with all that crap he did to himself. And the cheap girls chase him...................the children needs some help Lord...........

Anonymous said...

Lil Walking Dead has to take care of his children and his baby mamas plus old broken down Christina Milian. I guess Baby can't get him to change his mind. I guess Lil Walking Dead has totally fell out of love with Baby.

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