Monday, August 17, 2015

Basketball Wives LA

Last night on Basketball Wives LA…

Jackie gets into a screaming match with Mehgan and spits on her in the midst of their argument.

Later Meghan tells Shaunie Draya instigated her fight with Jackie, but vows revenge and threatens to sleep with Jackie’s husband.

Malasysia and Brandi have lunch with Angel to get to the bottom of her friendship with Draya and bond over Jackie’s craziness.

Jackie meets up with Draya and orders her to apologize to Mehgan for making Jackie spit on her.

Patrice tells Eddy she wants to adopt his son Noah and Jackie meets up with Brandi to discuss their upcoming cancer event but the outing ends very badly.


Unknown said...

go away the whole lot

Anonymous said...

Draya is gonna get jumped on and she knows it! She's using Jackie as a scapegoat to manipulate the others cause she knows damm well they are starting to see right thru her shit!

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