Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bill Cosby Loses Another Honorary Degree

The public shaming of Bill Cosby continues.

Last week Fordham University and Marquette University both stripped embattled comedian Bill Cosby of honorary PhDs [click here if you missed that].

Brown University just followed suit…

In an email to the staff and student body Brown President Christina Paxson explained their decision,
“It has become clear, by his own admission in legal depositions that became public this summer, that Mr. Cosby has engaged in conduct with women that is contrary to the values of Brown and the qualities for which he was honored by the University in 1985.”


AnRnBThug said...

How many Honorary degrees were taken from AND given to President Clinton Before and After he got head from Monica Lewinsky. It would be an interesting to know

Anonymous said...


All the cooning for white people he did and they threw his ass under a bus.

Anonymous said...

why does him being heavily awarded and rewards for his efforts in the show business or entertainment industry equal cooning/disdain from new blacks. But cannot see your own contemptible behaviors/acts towards one other or your own communities. I am glad that I am not easily influenced by this generation, born in the 60's.

He is a black man that had and had ACCOMPLISHMENTS under his belt. What about you, new blacks?

Anonymous said...

Clinton didn't steal head, although Cosby stole pussy...one is criminal, one is not.

I wonder if Omega Psi Phi is going to revoke his membership too?

@9:41 many of us are working on it, and we don't need 'honorary' degrees to prove our worth. There are a few of us here that actually don't mind getting them the right way. Therefore, when and if we fuck up, nobody can take it away☻☼ ....

The King Of The Real said...

@9:41 you are joking right? You forgot all the times he admonished black people unfairly. The times he tried to go into the respectability politics. Talking down to black people on a national stage. Calling up comics telling them how to do their craft. All the while he was just pill popping and cheating on his wife. I find it hard that a black man in any day an age can get away with raping 50 + women. Let's be real. I have not read a press release by him stating that he is not guilty of any of the allegations either. But he now is getting a little taste of what happens when they don't want you around anymore. No more going around academia glad handing and yeah he threw money at some schools but he really was doing something else... Respectability politics bit him in his ass. i wonder how many of them white folks are inviting him out now

Libra girl said...

People be careful not to go down the slippery slope. They will destroy a black man and leave him with nothing but when the guy from seventh heaven admitted to child molestation I heard very little about it. Cosby told the hard truth about the black community he just delivered it wrong in my opinion but it was truth. Look at the black community today. The children are out of control and they look up to these fuc$$$ up entertainers for a role model. They worry about things that are not important like rap beefs and air jordons. It's ridiculous and you know it.

Anonymous said...


You mean Stepehn Collins?

That's because all the dude from Seventh Heaven's shit got pulled from television. They tried to sneak and reair episodes of it on E and it got pulled off the air because people complained:



Seventh Heaven wasn't nearly as popular as the Cosby show either but nice try at failing to be an apologist for this rapist. White people dont throw good money after bad like a lot of negroes do and seem to think everyone else does.

Anonymous said...

I wish for once when black men fucked up they didn't tie it to racial oppression. Really that serves to delegitamize serious issues.

Anonymous said...

7th Heaven has been in reruns for years, but that all changed when its patriarch, Stephen Collins, was recorded admitting to molesting several underage girls. On 7th Heaven, Collins played Reverend Eric Camden who often preached many lessons to his children and during his services.

When the news came out, the show was immediately pulled from their usual schedule, and most people agreed that this was the right thing to do.

However, according to E! as soon as the headlines started to quiet down about Stephen Collins’ shocking predilection, reruns of the show returned to UP TV. Episodes aired on November 10, and apparently viewers of UP TV weren’t having it.

Viewers took to social media to complain about the return of 7th Heaven reruns, and now the network is having a change of heart.
In a statement to E!, Up TV said, “We have received a mixed to negative response regarding the show on Facebook and in viewer emails. Clearly, a show that has been a fan favorite series for us has been severely impacted.”

Due to the response over the 7th Heaven reruns,the show will be pulled off the air for the second time since the controversial Stephen Collins news.

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1660102/7th-heavens-reruns-resumed-but-you-wont-see-stephen-collins-anytime-soon/#1BfQcTOE29yHDOcj.99

Now with that shit out of the way can we please stop bitching about "The white man trying to bring the black man down". Like can we just please kill that fucking noise?

Cosby is a FUCKING RAPIST! Stop. Defending. Him. Just. Because. Hes. A. Black. Man.

You people look like fucking idiots at this point!

Anonymous said...

i find it funny how now that all this proof of institutionalize racism and new jim crow laws, that people still defend his rant on black folk. He could have spoke on these topics but instead took the route of many white folks and blamed us. But when youre sitting at master's table its all good.This man deserves all that is coming his way for being a hypocritical rapist sell out.

Libra girl said...

Black people don't like the fact that Bill talked about the black community. The truth hurts don't it. I don't know what Billk Cosby did or didn't do. I just don't play follow the leader because I have my own mind

Libra girl said...

We need to admit we have a problem in our community and stop blaming others. Yes there is racism in all aspects but we can at least raise our children properly. Don't smoke blunts with your child on your lap, don't teach your two year old profanity, stop being obsessed with social media and please make your kids go to school and make sure homework is done and oh yeah if you have time to watch love and hip hop you have time to get a college education.

Anonymous said...

The jew media willccrucify anyone that doesn't play by the rules.

bill clinton was accused by a bunch of women for sexual abuse before while governor and he became president. One was even allegedly been killed. Obama was accused of being a homosexual and that was quieted down.

If bill met majority of these women at the playboy club what does that say about hugh heffner and his palace of women ready to fuck?

Anonymous said...

And it won't stop. Wow, it really sucks to be Bill Cosby right about now.

prissa o said...

If he would have stayed up on his ritual participation and blood sacrificed, he would have been okay. I don't car how old you are - you got to be down to get down in Hollywood. Bill was always a cöcky, SOB but he thought too much of himself in the end. He really thought they were just gonna let him have that new show and comedy tour. Nope! And at his level, a sacrifice was needed. Look at Morgan Freeman. He knows better than to buck the system. the Elite got their sacrifice and he continues to be rewarded with consistent work and (for the most part) remain scandal free. Jim Carrey just had his sacrifice suicided.

Bill got away with so much for so long that he just thought he was bigger than he was. NOTHING and NOONE is bigger than the system. I tell you what, if somehow they get Lisa Bonet to start talking (which they can by threatening her daughter Zoe), Cosby will be totally & utterly destroyed. If they ask/tell him to do something now, I bet his a$$ will think twice.

Anonymous said...

Damn you had a rough childhood! Don't blame the black community because your mother is a hoodrat smh

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