Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gilbert Arenas Responds to Explosive Email Leak

Gilbert Arenas responds  to leaked email circulating online claiming he cheated on Laura Govan with her family members, gave her an STD and set up reality star Draya Michele for a beat down…

Last night the following email, allegedly sent from Laura Govan to Gilbert Arenas was leaked to B. Scott,
You were the man I loved! Your were everything to me at some Points! Even with All the madness and dysfunction …. It’s REALLY SAD THAT NOW U HAVE SOOOOO MUCH TO SAY!!! Let’s be clear and very honest with each other ….. (F*** instagram) just each other!
U wanna go way back ok! Since I’ve known you 2001 ok, you HAVE ALWAYSSSS SLEPT AROUND! Even as far as sleeping with some of my family members! Being young and not very smart I still stayed! I got prego with Izela (9) right after Alijah (8) a miscarriage then Hamiley (5) right after Aloni (4). Since you seem to forget their age. And Now Have Step kids The Same ages as Our children (which is cute … Not!) I have given you 14 years of My Life! Not saying that I’m perfect in anyway! But I’ve NEVER SLEPT WITH ANYONE WHILE WE WERE TOGETHER! Even those Wack Ass Shaq Rumors! You can Not Name One Person I Slept With besides the times you would disappear and leave me and the children for dead! For months!!! I have yet to say anything while you Run around making your children And the mother of your children look like S***! Your trying to Take My Home from Me with Our Four Kids and Move in Ur New Baby With Someone else Four Kids lol! But ur a Great Father! You have taken All Our Cars & Now Want to Take the only One I can drive them in but ur a Good Father? Right!! You Want our Babies To Walk Around Like Its Fashion Week! My Babies Are educationally sound, they wake up ever day with a smile on there face! That’s what I love to see most that they wear! But you think it’s cute to have fathered a baby while we were still together, with a woman who already has three daughters with another NFL man, and had to get a blood test with your baby because she did not know who the father was! But again that’s your business!!!!
You tell everyone what your doing for me and Our babies!!! Knowing that I won’t speak out to the public about our family matters because I’m much older now and know better! Knowing our babies would one day read this Crap! I won’t do it to them for your few seconds like you and your mental lapse! I can go on for days about the emotional, physical, mental abuse! But for what!?! I don’t want you back! Our family and real freinds know ALL that you put me thru! Here’s a few reminders while you run around calling your kids Bums ( which you need your ass whooped for that!) but whatever, Let’s just start a few years ago! I’ll leave out the you putting me and the babies out of house for days, and the thanks giving food you took away from our children and gave it to your team mates just hours before thanks given dinner was to be served and left me to find a meal with YOUR babies! We won’t mention that!!!! Or on Christmas you turned off the heater when it was 25 degrees outside! And gave full instruction to our business manger to NOT turn it back on! Naw we won’t talk about that! When I left you it was because I couldn’t take the STDs and you slapping me around all the time! So let’s tell the real story about LA!
When we came here I was already here working because we were not together. Solely because all you did was mention to me I stayed home and was with the children to much and I needed something to do beside raise them! So I went and got a job! You decided to move her and be with me and the babies ok fine! Yes we stayed with your dad I didn’t stay in a apartment at that time! You disappeared for a few months so I went back to doing me! Working and started seeing someone! When you found out what did the big bad wolf do!?! You went and burned his house down in woodland hills Not only his house but his neighbors! Let’s skip all past the s*** you put me and the babies thru In between! We moved to the hidden hills, which our nanny Ashly U started sleeping with and Still today sleep with her … U then too were sleeping with Jonsey ( which was my so called friend)! I found out and Put you out! Which is crazy because you Business partner told on you and had you on a three way call and You Then told on yourself! Which is crazy because she still your business partner today (Dez white) who u have given 4.2 million dollars to on a business that is worth a s*** today! I also told you about John white for 10 years he was stealing from you!
I also fail to mention how you lied about Draya and all that drama situation and her baby! Then you turn around and have her Beat Up in her apartment! Broken Nose & All!
I just learned about Lindsay and her baby three weeks ago!!! And let’s Not Also Mention after you buying the weed shop ALL the employees you ran thru there! Now let’s be clear any one who knows you knows your a Weirdo! You didn’t want our kids to even have your last name any more at one point! Reported all my cars stolen so I couldn’t drive any cars! Anything put in my name you took out! You told me when I left you You would sleep with ALL my friends and destroy me! You also told me U wouldn’t stop Until I was dead broke or in jail!!!
And let’s me Very Clear! You just Started to become a Father one week of you getting a lawyer! You have maybe been to 5 school plays or spoke to anyone of our kids school teachers your not even on the emergency card for anything and have Never Been ….. Because you Have NEVER BEEN DEPENDABLE TO THE CHILDREN AND THERE NEEDS ….. Having and spending money doesn’t make a father or a daddy! Spending the time and knowing even who there doctors are, given them kisses, hugs even praying with them! You don’t even and never have wanted them to go to church! You didn’t even want me to teach them Spanish! Like come on Gil! You haven’t given me any money but 10k when you feel like it each month! And you take away half of it for what ever reason You come up with! And yet I Still don’t complain!!! I have saved my own money so I’m fine! I have no yet to buy anything for myself and you and I both know I don’t even go out like that anymore for work or pleasure! That I sit at this house taking pics and then cleaning my face to go back into mommy mode! When you started hanging out with Kenny Clark you got worse!
Your so easily influenced its Crazy! You will spend 300k on a car but want to take my cars? Why for what? To say u did it! U think its cute glorying that you treat me like s*** and your children!?! I can see the hurt and pain in you! But that No excuse for you not to do better when you know better!!! Your really hurting and destroying yourself! Running around raw dogging and acting an ass for what!?! I know now NO one admires a clown People just look laugh or are afraid of one! And let’s all be honest I have all recipes saved! You have NO college fund or give me any type of money like you say! We both know your a Liar! I asked for a bunch of money knowing that one day you will end up BROKE WITH YOUR GAMBLING problem and your having babies every where and spending habits to please NO one but fraud people!
I’m trying my best to Now stay away from you drama as much as possible getting my own things and life together (don’t knock my hustle) with out the drama of you trying to destroy me for your own pleasure …. I just want for the sake of our children for us to coparent and get along for the sake of them! I don’t hate nor care about all your STUFF you have done anymore!!
We have one life to live and I don’t want to go out with this drama haloed over our heads! It’s not far for our children to have to read this stuff and I’m asking you to stop with your RANTS! It looks bad on you and our children’s name! AND WHATS WORSE IS THAT WERE ONLY AS GOOD AS OUR LAST PHOTO! But what we do sticks and stays! YOU AND EVERYONE IN OUR FAMILY KNOWS WHAT TYPE OF MOTher I AM! So I have No point in proving how amazing I Am A Mother!
We all know that your mother was a drug addict and passed away and your father is No better! But we need to do better because we know better!! All I ask is that you start to grow up! Leave me alone! And give our children a fair shot at having there own! Not just with your money but Your time! And be honest you haven’t seen them in almost two months and our daughter just texted you, asking you don’t you call them!
So come baby let’s put our big boy pants on and be bomb ass Co-parents. Say I’m Lying About any of just the few! I DARE YOU, God Bless You G!
After the email went viral Gilbert responded with a this comment on Baller Alert.


Anonymous said...

Agent Zero has been crazy.Used to be able to ball, but crazy as hell, which is mostly why he is no longer playing ball. But there is something weird about the email too. Who has to list the children by nae and age in an mail to their father?

Bi-Polar is the new black said...

I need receipts... I need Draya to #comethru and say Gilbert had her jumped. I need to see some court documents of judgements some #bankstatements, so me repo video - SOMETHING

I think Laura is being truthful. She doesn't say anything when he rants. He probably does have babies on the side (what NFL/NBA player doesn't). He admits to putting her out often.

He seems psycho - mean hateful and awful to be around.
He acts like a bitch, too.

Anonymous said...

She leaked that email. It reads like she was sipping on some brown liquor and didn't bother proof reading.

Either way, Gilbert's a piece of ish. I still don't understand why SHE won't put a car or house in her own name. That way he can't take it from you.

Her credit must be jacked.

AnRnBThug said...

Haha these two are MADE for each other
What she been doing with those checks from the show?
I wonder......

Anonymous said...

Pure unadulterated FUCKERY....Agreed, this email meant to be leaked. Agent Zero lost his mind when he pulled guns out on a teammate in the locker room. $90M man had way more to lose than a $5M rookie. That in itself is crazy. and Laura, if you get $20K a month why don't you have your own house and car?!?! He'll even if your credit is jacked cash rules.

Did she accuse him of burning someone's house down tho'?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Gilbert seems sus after that. A hit dog will holler and she hollering.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Was it necessary to post the ENTIRE email instead of a link? God help their children

dreadee said...

And these are Adults with kids.

Anonymous said...

the sooner she gets pass this dumb ass, the sooner she will find a new sponsor..... that is all!!!

I Make Money Online said...

The school they have their kids in costs $20K for each kid. They have 4 so you do the math. What looks good on the outside is not always what it seems on the inside. They need Jesus or maybe Iyala to get them out of this mess! Laura better get this online money while she may have a few fans left. Click the name!

ThatBKChick said...

Laura and her sister both are idiots. They both married losers as far as men in the NBA. It's really sick and sad the way Gilbert has treated his kids via Laura, and Laura is stupid for laying down and bringing more kids in this world after a man that didn't respect you or them enough to not have his last name......This shit is sick and needs to stop. I feel badly for the kids out of everyone.

If he was a decent man, he would give Laura the car and ask her nicely to move on. But you are what you attract in life, this includes men. Laura new dude was dirty and it would be a matter of time if he ain't wifed her, that he would be or was screwing around on her. She went and had all of this surgery done to keep a man that CLEARLY doesn't want to be kept!.....I keep hearing Kayne's "Gold Digger" ringing in my ears.....and when he move on, he leaves your ass for a white girl".....SMDH!

T said...

Gilbert with is crazy ass PAYS FOR THEIR SCHOOL, so let's drop that lie that Laura pays 20k for their school its part of their support order.

they are both cazy and she is a damn fool after all of that child support she does not even have a damn car in her name--even after the BBW's checks--not even a small condo.

she is a damn fool on that note

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even get through that entire email, but the parts I read sound truthful. But what Laura needs to do is stop blaming Gil and accept responsibility for her part in this mess. It takes two to have a jacked up relationship and once she takes ownership for her part the healing will truly begin and she can move on.

This is a prime lesson to ladies - have your own. Get you a degree, trade, certificate - some type of profession. Make your own money. Buy your own house. Buy your own car. Save for your own retirement. Be a wife and not a baby mother. Have some standards about yourself and you won't be in a position for a man to repo anything from you and your children.

When you can stand on your own there's a certain amount of strength and dignity that comes along with that. Then you're less likely to stay with a man who sleeps around, abuses you, is absent from the children.....and if he does you leave and you stand on your own.

When Laura has true healing she won't feel the need to write Gil a thesis paper about what he's done wrong because she'll be too busy living her own independent life. I wish her well for the sake of her own sanity and those children.

too real said...

You too belong together in a mental institution. But, Gilbert is 50% full of himself and 50% of shit. All I have to say is this Draya story has been around the NBA for a long time. That's the reason Laura went off on her the first season of basketball wives.

Anonymous said...

8:27, that is THE truth.

Anonymous said...

@8:27 AMEN!!! Don't understand why we women spend all these years in messed up relationships, waiting on a man to his stuff together.

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