Saturday, February 06, 2016

Meek Mill Sentenced to House Arrest

Rapper Meek Mill sentenced to house arrest after violating his probation...

Yesterday Philly rapper Meek Mill was sentenced to 3 months house arrest and six more years of probation stemming from a 2008 drug and gun conviction.

While serving his sentence Meek may only leave his home to do community service and cannot perform in public or drop new music.

During sentencing the judge blamed the ruling on Meek's habit of following girlfriend Nicki Minaj around the country without obtaining permission from his parole officer.


Anonymous said...

Habit of following girlfriend Niki Minaj around the country??? New Drake song in 3...2..


Anonymous said...

So now dumb niggas are getting put on? Never a dull moment moment with Meek.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why he decided not to go to jail? All those fat juicy white penises in one place?! Jesus is good.

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

Now here is the thing, while he is on house arrest, will he also be under Twitter arrest to? Cause it seems that the devil has idle hands and time and he spends it beefing with people online. But at the same time if he really did enroll in college, he can work on that from home. Either way, we all needed a break from Twitter Fingers.

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