Monday, March 28, 2016

Arrest Warrant Issued for Katt Williams

An arrest warrant has been issued for Katt Williams in connection with his fight with a teenager in Georgia...

Comedian Katt Williams is facing more legal trouble in Georgia.
Channel 2’s Tom Regan learned Gainesville police are charging Williams with disorderly conduct and a bond violation.
The charges stem from an incident, caught on video, in which Williams allegedly punched a teenager in Hall County last week.
“He just started playing soccer with us then he started to get into an argument,” witness Marco Salcido told Regan Monday.
Salcido says he had a front row seat to the clash between Williams and 17-year-old Luke Walsh. It happened at a Gainesville apartment complex, where Williams unexpectedly dropped by and jumped into a pickup soccer game.
“That's like a blessing to have a celebrity come to the hood and show love to for everybody,” said witness Alexander Villanueva.
He says Williams not only joined in the game, but was also spreading his wealth by handing out hundreds of dollars in cash.
“He was giving money to kids and everyone,” Villanueva said.
But not everyone was won over by Williams’ generosity. Witnesses say not long into the game things got ugly between Williams and Walsh, one of the teens who was playing against him.
'We all gathered in a circle and we're hearing him say, ‘Get out of my face little boy,’ and they just started fighting,” Salcido said.


Anonymous said...

And so it begins....

Anonymous said...

Now they can force him to take his meds. Pray for him.

Anonymous said...

That's not good. Hitting kids don't look good in court.

Anonymous said...

The Hart/Rock Experience.

Anonymous said...

Stay up Katt--there are people out here praying for you.

newark girl said...

@10:30 theres also a warrant fort he boy because in Georgia he's considered an adult, so much for dint hit kids

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