Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lil Wayne Sued Over Legal Fees

Last year the lawyers from Lil Wayne's bitter legal battle with his record label sued the rapper for $375k in unpaid legal fees [click here if you missed that].

After making an arrangement to settle the debt Weezy fails behind on his payments...

According to reports Lil Wayne and his lawyer Michael B. Kramer agreed on a $350k settlement with Weezy paying $50k in December and $20k a month until the debt was paid in full.

This week Kramer filed papers in Manhattan federal court claiming the rapper paid December and January but nothing for February.

Fun Fact: Lil Wayne is also being sued by a different lawyer for unpaid legal fees after losing a dispute with a private jet company [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

I guess that stupid azz Galaxy commercial ain't paying like he'd hope....

Anonymous said...

po lil gremlin

Anonymous said...

and water is wet.

Anonymous said...

Have y'all seen his latest commercial? Well, they should've added this info to it...

"Lil' Wayne being sued for 375K by record lable for unpaid legal fees."

"Lil' Wayne falling behind on his payments."

"Lil' Wayne lost dispute with a private jet company."

"Lil' Wayne being sued by his lawyer for unpaid legal fees."

"Lil' Wayne 'bout to cry."

"Lil' Wayne 'bout to file bankruptcy."

"Lil' Wayne 'bout to lose all his bling bling."

"Lil Wayne 'bout to go to jail for outstanding owed child(ren) support."

"Lil' Wayne 'bout to cry again, ya herd me?"

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