Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Michael Strahan Excited for Kelly Ripa's Return

Kelly Ripa is scheduled to return to Live with Kelly and Michael today after storming off the set in a snit over Micheal Strahan's promotion to Good Morning America...

On Monday Michael Strahan confirmed Kelly would be back on Tuesday telling the audience,
"Good morning everybody! Kelly had a scheduled day off to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary with her husband Mark [Consuelos]. She is going to be back tomorrow which we are all excited about!"
Meanwhile it is being reported that ABC and Disney execs have apologized to both Kelly and Michael for the way Michael's departure news was handled.


DR Groce said...

I bet he can't wait to leave!

Anonymous said...

She's lucky she has a job to return to. She thinks too much of herself.

TOO REAL said...

Strahan is a walking ego which should have been left on the Giants' field. When he fails at bring ratings GMA there will be no job waiting for him. Kelly keep doing what you're doing and watch the KARMA hit.

Laa soul said...

Well I guess she thought by throwing a tantrum would get her what she wants and that was for Michael to leave early and to garner sympathy from the public for being the woman that was disrespected by ABC brass. Well it may have worked in the interim, but I'm sure that Iger has already decided the fate of Live.

More than likely they will wait until Kelly's contract is up and then cancel the show blaming it on the ratings. Because at the end of the day, GMA is the CASH COW and Iger is only interested in GMA remaining #1 because the Today show is definitely nipping at their heals.

To this day, I will never understand why Kelly was mad at Michael like he owed her something. His boss told him to keep his mouth shut and by Kelly's actions, I now see why along with her standing on her soap box this morning telling the audience why she took off and her pulling out her own chair, which Michael has been doing for years. #Petty

We all know if the shoe was on the other foot, she would have done the same damn thing to protect her coins so she can support her barely working husband and her 50 11 kids.

Well Kelly, I hope it works out well for you because now you will be known as the Becky who will throw a tantrum when things don't go your way instead of being professional and keep it pushing.

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