Monday, April 04, 2016

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Last night on the The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show Part III Nene joins the ladies on the couch and tells Andy Kim was not a good fit. Unseen fist fight footage between Porsha and her publicist is aired and Porsha reveals she is in anger management. Kandi, Todd and Phaedra hash out their issues but the friendship between them is still very strained. Kenya offers a half-hearted apology for bringing up rumors about Kim Fields husband and Andy hints that Sheree Whitfield may be back for good…


Anonymous said...

Kim met her husband in Atlanta and he never once said "I'm not gay." Kim likely knows his past and doesn't care.

Porsha came on the show trying to act like high society and as soon as Codell divorced her she let her real side out. NeNe is right she changedsince her first season but so did NeNe's face.

Khandi and Toss was on some f that and I was here for it unlike Khandi hair.

Kenya boo looks like he rode the short bus and licked the windows as a child.

Anonymous said...

I think that Bravo forced Porsha to go to anger management but you can tell that some of the housewives cant wait for her to have her peach taken away and she can only blame herself.

If I was her, I would never ever drink while filming around these women again because clearly she cant handle when they push her button while she's turnt up and sadly she let's the situation spiral into violence.

I don't understand why they cant see that these shows are detrimental to their personal relationships and marriages. I guess those coins must be nice.

Fame is a hell of a drug.

Anonymous said...

Kenya boo looks like he rode the short bus and licked the windows as a child.

I DIED!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kim and Chris know the real deal about his sexual orientation. Kim is just playing the Dumb black blond.
Andy has his nerve accusing everyone of Gay Bashing. Nobody cares if Chris is gay or not. But being gay, married and being on a reality tv show will always raise questions.
Porsha won't stop being Violent until she gets clocked. If Porsha keeps running up and putting her hands on people she will meet her match. She should be fired from RHOA,before Bravo gets sued.

Anonymous said...

Phaedra is a FRAUD and was exposed for snitching...I don't know why Kandi still wants to try to be friends with this rat.

Anonymous said...

Matt doesn't look like that, PORSHA looks like she rode the short bus with her dumb violent self. PORSHA uses her hands because her brain isn't quick witted to fight her battles. Dumb hooker. And Phaedra is every church lady hint that says Jesus's name in vein, talk all that godly stuff but got more skeletons in her closet than grave yard.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^YES!!! Phaedra is a Vile Evil Ugly Women inside and out who uses the Lord's name in vain. Porsha... That Stupid Hooker is on the Wrong reality show. She really really needs to take herself on over to the Bad Girls Club. Or she could test her luck and take a swing on Joseline from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Now that fight would be

Anonymous said...

Chris & Kim both know he's gay.....

Check this out -

This former tweener actress before there was the term turned disappearing act turned B list actress turned disappearing act turned reality star does not want the cameras to see her with her married boyfriend. She uses all kinds of excuses for not filming on days when he is able to see her.

Kim Fields

I believe it and that's probably why Kenya didn't apologize. I wouldn't have apologized either

Anonymous said...

Isn't amazing that these promosexual Black females can use homosexuality as an insult in one instance and then trot around with effeminate males in another instance? Andy butt bandit ass had them coping pleas. They know a man's penis does not belong in another man's ass but sense they have no knowledge of self or any integrity, they play both sides of the argument. They'll be the same ones talking about a lack of REAL Black men while getting their hair done by a homo wearing high heals. These shows are some of the main vehicles the homosexuals in Hollywood uses to promote and try to normalize homosexuality to Black people.

BTW. Kim Field's husband is fruitier than a vegan's dessert. I bet his momma is somewhere shaking her head when he tried to deny it.

GG said...

KENYA'S MAN Matt...HIS EYES ARE ALL JACKED UP..Was he crossed-eyed in the past? Did he have corrective eye surgery? I wanna know hell... something makes his face ugly....He's gotta nice body but the FACE - I CANT.....

Anonymous said...

How's Angela Stanton's lawsuit doing?

Anonymous said...

Haaa haa ha GG I noticed that too. You can tell he has all kinds of anxiety problems, he is definitely not comfortable in front of a camera and those crazy eye movements don't help. I wonder where and the hell Keyna picked his ass up from because he seems challenged. Peter saw straight though his fake wannna be hard demeanor and he folded. Chris, eh not so much but he tried it tho lol.

PhxSun said...

Matt looks exactly like Shrek! Lol

Anonymous said...

@1:23pm, I wonder what's going with i too
Last I heard, Phaedra tried to get it dropped,
but the judge denied it
Cosign! @8:56am, @9:16am and @9:38am

Anonymous said...

Todd is from Harlem and aint falling for that
okey dokey bullshyt southern bell act Phaedra put on
Dumb ass Appollo and Porsha fall for that type of shyt, but everybody else is catching on
I m not sure, but NeNe even seems to be distancing herself from dumbass Porsha and
snake ass Phaedra too

Anonymous said...

Dam Phaedra is a sneaky conniving person
She was trying to implicate Todd on camera
as if he was Apollo partner in crime on the low
Todd straightened that azz out in a heartbeat
Todd was like, "U might fool everyone else with those degrees and certificates, but
how come u didnt know what Apollo was doing right up underneath u?
Good 1 Todd, lol

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