Monday, May 30, 2016

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian in No Rush

Though they're engaged to be married and expecting their first child together [click here if you missed that] Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are in no rush to tie the knot...

Blac Chyna tells Entertainment Tonight
"We're taking things slow."
Chyna also says the Kardashian Klan are elated about the new baby claiming,
"We are going to New Orleans after [The Memorial Day Weekend] and hope they'll join us there. Everyone's happy! Things with Rob's family are fantastic."
Since Chyna is giving quotes to Kardashian rival network Entertainment Tonight and not E! News I'm going to go out on a limb to say the K Klan probably won't be showing up.


Anonymous said...

this is why I call her blac dummy....because the title is soo fitting for her flea mentality.
It's bad enough that the hoe is pregnant by a cave donkey, now she talking bout no marriage.

Like I said before in a previous post....WHITE PEOPLE DON'T GIVE AWAY THEIR WEALTH TO MIX BREEDS OR BLACK's the other way round...Black Niggas give away the little money they got to the cave bitches.

By her not pushing the issue of marrying the cave donkey, she is pretty much giving Kris & the coven MORE POWER.....either way, she's doomed, because like I said, there is nowhere in the history of rich white people, where a nigga or a half-nigga inherited any of that white money..NOWHERE!!

Side Thought: I'm pretty sure Tom Cruise aint gonna leave his inheritance to his Biological son Conner...he will leave that money to his white children.

Yall Dumb thinking niggas better WAKE THE HELL UP!!

Anonymous said...

^^^what does this have to do with most of us on here? If we are WOKE in OUR own situation, why would give a damn about how Hollyweird folks live their lives?

Anonymous said...


because your children are influenced by these flea bags, and will follow them to the fires of Hell!

Shoe Lover Too! said...

As carzy as they may sound. 11:35am
Has a point.
Without papers, Angela is going to be chasing child support.
If she doesn't get married, she is not a Kardashian.
Hence, Kris Jenner trying to return to her 1st marriage name after being a Jenner for 20 years.

Something is wrong here. You are taking it slow? But your having a baby by him? What's that all about? Thats not slow.

Anonymous said...

So if they're taking it slow why would they get pregnant after dating a couple of months?? Something about this relationship screams fake. I'd be surprised if they actually make it to the aisle...

Anonymous said...

Nowhere in history huh, 11:35? David Bowie just left his fortune to Iman and their black daughter

Anonymous said...

@4:37 PM

That may be true, but I'm referring to Negroes, NOT AFRICANS(Somalians in her case)....hell, Somalians don't even consider themselves Afican. They are in their own lane right along with Ethiopians.

The negro breed in america aint getting none of whitey's money.

Anonymous said...



..and before you say "well african are negroes"...look in the Zondervan Bible Dictionary for the meaning of 'Ham' tells you that Africans and Negroes ARE NOT the same people.

ThatBKChick said...

Well alrighty....I was about to say she's taking it slow until the money from Pimp Momma Kris is right! That's probably why! Whether you agree or not, Blac Chyna was a life raft to the sinking Kardashian ship! Every (black) man in their right mind left these hoes and Bruce went and changed into a woman...poor man was probably emasculated by the strong arm of Pimp Kris! Everyone but Kanye and they can keep his cooning ass! My point is black men: celebrities and ball players and phucking them for show got tired until Blac Chyna and Rob got into the picture. "E" ain't giving Blac Chyna and Rob card blanche money like that without the white witches getting paid off of them first like 1135 said!

The King Of The Real said...


Bee Gee said...

She takin' it slow because she already got the bun in the oven. Either way, she got Karcrashian money for the next 18 years, and when she marries him, she'll have the name too. Nothin but simps n hoes all up and down that family tree, including the ones married in.

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