Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lark Voorhies Divorce Final

Last year Saved by the Bell actress Lark Voorhies shocked her fans after eloping in Las Vegas with LA gangbanger Jimmy Green [click here if you missed that].

Welp, their marriage is officially over...

According to reports Lark and Jimmy's divorce became final May 13, 2016.

Fun Fact: Jimmy once threatened to leak his and Lark's wedding night sex tape, later admitting no such tape exists [click here if you missed that].


JAMAICA said...

this nigga has the weirdest posts on his IG

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing youtube reports about alot of black people that are walking around are Robotoids or Clones, and that you can tell by the eyes. They say all of the celebrities are clones, that's why they are always wearing sun shades to cover up the proof in their eyes.

People that grew up with Gucci Maine are saying that the gucci that has been released is not the real gucci maine?

I'm not suspicious just yet, but if gucci starts to act like this the "new & improved" lamar odom, then I'm gonna be highly suspicious.

Anonymous said...

10:28am Gucci Mane started naming names right smack before all the trouble with jail, gangstalking,etc. He called out all the industry whores actually naming names on who he tag teamed, etc. He broke the shhhhh silence code and they had to shut him up. Would not be surprised if he was microchipped or cloned.

Anonymous said...

@10:28 AM get off of youtube that story is ridiculous. Gucci is different cause he just got out of jail and hopefully his life will be better.

Anonymous said...


Gucci didn't drop ONE name that was surprising. He only went on that rant because he got dropped from Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a nutcase

The King Of The Real said...

@10:28 Dont walk, run to the nearest dumpster and throw your dumb ass in. "Robotoids" "Clones" dafuq. They wear shades to get some privacy and anonymity in their thoughts. No one cloning Gucci. Gucci just got clean and healthy. He had a positive stretch. I swear youtube is like this double edge sword. You can learn to fix, build, create damn near anything from you tube but also will have the most retarded conspiracy ideas with no shred of evidence or even logic to them. I get the world is scary and confusing and even going at a faster rate of damn, but if all you can do is literally find the dumbest shit to watch on youtube and then back it up with some bible quotes or worse just make shit up then what the hell people. Just find you a dumpster and save the world some time.

Anonymous said...

This is another poster
U sound so dumb and sleep @7:49pm
Only dummies in America think like u
Most people from other countries are awake
And brainwashed zombie dummies like u are following the pied pipers
This shyt has been happening WAYYYYYYYYYYYY
before youtube was around
Dummy, smh
Youtube is only a reference point for fools like u
I bet u are an atheist too

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