Saturday, May 07, 2016

Pastor Jamal Bryant Facing New Baby Scandal?

The Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant readily admits her marriage to mega church pastor Jamal Bryant ended after he cheated on her.

Is Pastor Bryant facing another huge scandal...?

Could be.

A woman named Latoya Odom claims Jamal Bryant is the father of her 9-month-old son and that he's abandoned them both.

Latoya tells Obnoxious Blog that she met Pastor Bryant after being hired as a massage therapist for a church conference in Wilmington, DE by by Bishop Greg Davis.

Latoya admits happy endings, and sometimes more, were a required part of her job and that's how she met Pastor Bryant.

Latoya says she and Pastor Bryant remained close after the conference, lost touch for a while, but then rekindled things a few years ago.

Latoya alleges their relationship turned sour after she became pregnant.

Latoya claims Pastor Bryant begged her to get an abortion and offered to pay her a large sum of money if she agreed. She did not and their son John Karston Bryant was born July 2015.

Latoya provides DNA testing results to back up her claims.


Anonymous said...

Its daggone shame how these folks are attempting to tarnish Jesus Mighty Name
Our Lord Jesus did not stand for any of this
And He sacrificied his life so that we can life more abundantly
Jamal Bryant should have been step down
He is nothing but a wolf trying to wear sheep clothing

Anonymous said...

*have life more abundantly*

Anonymous said...

Well his EX Wife so called "still family" did get on TV and call him Peter , Peter Pumpkin Eater.

Anonymous said...

Jamal loves to bang hot and wet willing females who seduce him. Nevertheless, I love his preaching. I could careless whose back Pastor Bryant is banging out after his church duties are done.

Anonymous said...

That's his own fault.

If he would mess with other men like I do, he'd have zero issues. After I expel out my buddies DNA, we just go back to our wives.

T said...

this is nothing new, he has a wandering dong.
and lord knows how many kids out there.

Anonymous said...

Star? I barely know who this broad is.

Anonymous said...

4:07p is that what you're going to tell God one-day? I hope not #sadforyou

JDent said...

From the lyrics of Bishop Bull Winkle:

Why would I follow a preacher who ain't got no more discipline than to ride raw and get a chick pregnant.

They Call Me Cocoa said...

Simply - you can't preach the Gospel and turn around and do the opposite of the Gospel. He can have all the unprotected sex he wants - just not as a preacher. He's one of the MANY preacher's, pastor, reverends and priests who, simply by their scandalous behavior, are thereby telling their flock that they DO NOT BELIEVE.

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll still be gloating 4:07, when not if you catch AIDS, like you are now. Fags are something else. I bet that room smells like a bowl of shit after all that Unclean, unsanitary, unhygienic session.

Anonymous said...

I would have the abortion and take the money.


Anonymous said...

Why is this trick telling her story now? Go raise your son and check yourself for being a passed around dumping ground.

Anonymous said...

Pastor is now equal to criminal or scandals.


Honey Bun said...

why black ppl worship some white dude from some book?

Anonymous said...

He was mighty zesty during his tv appearances with Giselle - are you sure he's not bisexual?

WiserWords2 said...

Anonymous said...
Pastor is now equal to criminal or scandals.

9:46 PM

Word on the street is that pastors have always been equal to criminals or involved in scandals. It might be time to open your eyes.

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