Saturday, May 14, 2016

Skai Jackson on Her Roasting of Azealia Banks

Last week tween actress Skai Jackson dragged Harlem rapper Azealia Banks on Twitter after one of AB's regular tirades [click here if you missed that].

Skai opens up about why she confront Azealia...

Skai Jackson tells Huffington Post,
"...when I was younger in public school, I would always get bullied for little things like being the shortest in my class, being smallest, just really stupid things. And my mom would always tell me, “if someone bullies you, don’t just sit there and let them bully you. Do something about it or tell someone about it.” So I have always taken that on, what my mother said. And I kinda used that with the whole Azealia thing that just happened. I mean, she is a bully, she is an internet troll. So for me, reading all these racial slurs that she was saying to different celebrities in the past couple months — and I’m like the 30th person now — I felt that I just had to voice my opinion because I have dealt with bullies over the internet and in person. I just feel like what she’s doing is not OK."