Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tyga Admits Kylie Jenner Stole His Shine

In a recent interview Tyga claims he broke up with Kylie Jenner because the media attention was ruining his career...

Tyga tells Big Boi.TV
"Being in a very public relationship like that, it's hard for other people to see you differently. It overshadowed a lot of my talents and a lot of things I worked hard for."
Meanwhile Tyga and Kylie were spotted together in Kingston Jamaica on the set of his new video last weekend.


prissa o said...

Yeah right. That relationship was publicity for BOTH of them. There were Tyga posts about his relationship with Kylie on various white blogs that would have never covered Tyga by himself. Similarly, there were posts about Kylie on black blogs (because of her relationship with a blasian man) that wouldn't have covered her by herself either.

LOL @that pic tho. Why he look like a toddler who just go done throwing a tantrum?

Anonymous said...

uhm...*raises hand* one question:


Girl BYE said...

Who is putting out these never ending updates about these people? It's like they're already written a year in advance. None of them have talent.

The King Of The Real said...

@girlbye, how is someone who does nothing going to overshadow your talent...I'm just asking what the hell is this post really about. Is it about the fact he clearly had a statutory rape relationship while married or that his music career went no where once he got into said statutory rape relationship. Its over can we just not have anymore posts?

Anonymous said...

What shine? What career? He needed her. A lot of people know who he is now because of the women he's dated.

Anonymous said...

another BUM...I really hate classifying this useless pervert nigga as a 'black person'

I rather he was just called an asian.

Anonymous said...

5:58 AM I agree, he's Asian as far as i'm concerned.
I don't think black crossed with anything else should be covered in media outlets catering to black people.
Thai people were hardly rejoicing and dancing in the streets back when Tiger Woods was dominating golf.

Allihave2say said...

The shine from a cubic zirconia is different than the shine of a diamond. Neither Tyga or Kylie shine bright like a diamond. The difference in the two of them is Tyga is a Walmart Zirconia and Kylie is a Swarovski (by fame).

Shoe Lover Too! said...

another Blackman - eaten alive by the Kardashians
waiting for the suicide attempts
(which won't be funny) but ever the dim light he had. is long gone.
WHEN YOU SELL OUT -- there is no coming back.

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