Friday, September 30, 2016

Naomi Campell Cast in Lee Daniels New Series

Naomi Campbell snags a recurring role in Lee Daniels new TV series 'Star...'

In the new series, about three girls clawing their way to the top of the music industry, Naomi plays the beautiful, wealthy and cultivated London-born mother of one of the girls.

But don't go in looking for this to be a prequel or sequel to Lee Daniels' hit series Empire.

Daniels tells Billboard Mag,
[Star] is the complete antithesis of Empire. I don’t know whether you ever saw the first 15 minutes of John Waters’ Female Trouble, but these girls will do whatever it takes. They’ll murder. They’ll f— you. They’ll rob you. [The characters] Star and Simone are very, very poor. They come from the foster-care system, and we explore the atrocities that happen there.
Starring Queen Latifah and transgender actress Amiyah Scott,  'Star' premiers on Fox early 2017.


Anonymous said...

This dripping-anus faggot really and truly hates Black women and want us to feel like the lowest common denominator. He portrays Black women in the worst possible way. Leeaky Booty Daniels got another thing coming to his Zionist Jew ball licking ass.

Anonymous said...

^^^What He said...HAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Female Trouble? This shit gon be watered down to the max because Fox won't be able to air the degenerate type of fuckery that was in that movie.

Anonymous said...


It is interesting. Lee is a decent director, I don't mind him as a person. HOWEVER, he totally gets off on debasing and dehumanizing black women as you said. His mother really did a number on him. It shows how misogynistic he is because he takes his father side even though his father hated him for being gay. Very screwed up. Black people raise your children right or you will raise kids with warped ideas of the world.

Anonymous said...

dont nobody want to see this ghetto beating heifer. all she can do is jump on somebody. plus she looking old............get some botox girl.

Anonymous said...

@12:44 - just saw the trailer on Amazon. Love John waters films.

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