Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cops Called to Paula Patton Robin Thicke Custody Exchange

Last month Paula Patton called a truce in her bitter custody battle with ex-husband Robin Thicke after their six-year-old son began acting out [click here if you missed that].

Looks like the truce is off...

On Thursday paparazzi caught a tense exchange between Robin and Paula in a Malibu park that ended with Paula in tears and the police showing up to intervene.

According to reports Paula showed up over an hour late for the custody exchange and then claimed their son did not want to go with his dad.

The police were called and the custody exchange was canceled this week.


Anonymous said...

Robin looks like an old, ugly Irish drunk and Paula could lift Navy war ships with that thick ass Conan the barbarian neck. This fail ass swirl couple. That child needs to be with the grandma.

Anonymous said...

They both need to chill for a while but with the recent death of his father, seeing his only child is probably therapeutic for him. I just don't believe he's that much of a monster that the child doesn't want to see his dad. There may be other stuff going on. Rob needs to move on to have another wife, have some more babies while he's still fairly young.

Anonymous said...


Yes Robin should move on and have more babies when he's obviously struggling to deal with the one he already has....WTH? He and Paula need to grow the fuck up first.

Anonymous said...


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