Thursday, February 09, 2017

Katherine Jackson Accuses Nephew of Elder Abuse

Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson has been granted a restraining order against her caretaker / nephew after accusing him of elder abuse...

From TMZ
Katherine just obtained a restraining order against Trent Lamar Jackson. In her papers she claims he is an "abusive con-man" who manipulated Mrs. Jackson for years so he could take control of her finances, stay rent-free in her guest house and estrange her from her kids.
She believes Trent was taking money from her accounts and says she has to hide in her closet so she can speak freely to her kids. Katherine says Rebbie and some of her other children are willing to testify against Trent.
Katherine also fears physical harm, saying, "Now that he knows his conduct will be revealed, she fears what he may do to her upon her return." 
She's currently in London visiting Janet.
The 86-year-old says she tried to fire Trent from his job as her nearly 6-figure driver on February 3, with the Sheriff present, but Trent took off just as deputies and her lawyer arrived.
The judge's order requires Trent to stay 100 yards clear of her, move out of her guest house and return all his keys.


Anonymous said...

So what's the difference between him and all the other kids staying rent-free on the property? Joe thought it was better for them to work rather than go to school to give you the lifestyle you enjoy now, but the result it children and grandchildren that are functionally illiterate and marry/f*ck each other's partners.

Ms. Jackson, you can blame yourself and Joseph for any dysfunction you're dealing with now. You are/were supposed to raise your children with love and guidance and instead all they got was you cowering in the corner after cashing their checks and beatings from Joe.

Old lady, have a seat.

Anonymous said...

@8:40. No empathy for elders, huh!?!?

I'm wondering why none of her kids are taking care of her..All that money, none of them have a 9-5. Yet allows a male cousin to care for their mother.....SMH.
Good Luck to all you parents that think them kids are ride or die

Anonymous said...

I'm with 8:40 on this. I'm not saying Katherine deserves this, but she played a major roll in the Jackson Family madness.

Anonymous said...

8:56 - This is 8:40. I have empathy for elders and respect them. And because of that I will always tell the truth, not lie. There is no reason Ms. Jackson isn't in a nice condo with round the clock care. They're been rich for years and have had access to the best care planner and still this? The fish rots from the head and as the heads of the family Ms. Jackson and Joe are responsible for any/all dysfunction. You can't always make your kids and grandkids do right, but she and Joe are to blame for not passing along values and principles.

Oh, and don't forget Ms. Jackson allows her children to use the law to manipulate the other children while she sits back and allows it.

Remember this?

Anonymous said...

From what little I know about the Jacksons. Katherine didn't have much say so in that house. The patriarch(Joe) made all the final decisions & that's how most households worked back then. I see Kat as one of them women who raised hell once in a while but fell in-line when that man said period. She doesn't deserve to be mistreated. If anybody deserves to be popped in the head or smacked, it's JOE......
Hopefully, someone cares enough to make sure she's being properly cared for

Anonymous said...

Who's son is Trent? Why hasn't any of their million relatives beat his ass? Why is Katherine not living in some small place of her own?

Chrissy Snow said...

I'm with 9:23 and I am taking "the fish rots from the head."
Michael was the breadwinner of the family so when he went broke I suspect they all did (minus Janet). They should be set now after selling off his stuff so why isn't Katherine being taken care of by professionals?
PR families are the worst.

Anonymous said...

That's a damn shame!!! NO WAY IN HELL would my brothers and sisters would EVER let that happen to our parents!!!
We all would have been went over there and whupped his ass And thrown him out!! And DARE HIM to set foot over there again!
WTF is wrong with her other children??!?! What about the adult nieces and nephews??!?! How in the hell are they standing by watching an letting this happen??????????!!!!????? I'm telling you, we would have been beat the brakes off him and thrown him out!!!!

QueenDrop84 said...

TBH..It was said that she was the main person abusing them ...IJS If this is true ...Good Riddens to her

Anonymous said...

^^^ Good Riddance, as in "Good riddance to bad garbage."

Anonymous said...

They should have stuck with black people and left those cave demons alone. You reap what you sow

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