Friday, February 03, 2017

KeKe Palmer Resolves Issue with Trey Songz

Last month actress KeKe Palmer threatened legal action against R&B singer Trey Songz after accusing him of using sexual intimation to force her to appear in his music video [click here if you missed that]

KeKe and Trey have resolved the issue...

KeKe tells Good Day New York
"I think what happens is that everybody doesn't know how everything works. In the industry, there is protocol..."
"[Trey and I] definitely had a resolution, for sure ... but yeah the video is down. It's off."


Anonymous said...

WTF is she even saying? I don't understand. It's one of the craziest usages of a double negative I've ever seen.
I think what she might be saying is chicken heads get what's coming to them when they mess with the industry.

Anonymous said...

I knew this shit was going to just mysteriously blow over.

How did I know? Because hmmm...What was she doing while in that closet? I'm willing to bet it's something that's on tape and ready to release if they were to go to court.

Anonymous said...

KeKe...girl gone head with that messiness. Trey whispered sweet nothings in your ear and now it has been resolved? I don't buy it, KeKe strikes me as a one of those girls who just do too much for attention and this is one of those situations.

Anonymous said...

For there to be "sexual intimidation"...Imma need Keke to explain to me WTH she's talking about. Other than that the girl sounds crazy.

Anonymous said...

I wish she would sit her fast azz down somewhere acting like a damn thot bitch get a life

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