Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kordell Stewart Moving Forward with Lawsuit

Kordell Stewart moving forward with lawsuit against Andrew Caldwell...

From The Daily Mail
Ex-NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart is suing the male viral video star who claimed they had a sexual relationship for $4.5 million, can reveal.
Stewart's suit explains that before the allegations, he was known as the star quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers but now he will be plagued with illegitimate questions about his sexuality 'personally and professionally in a sports industry that has made homosexuality an unenviable, controversial and taboo topic.'
He also says that he had to turn down several public appearances during the 'saga' and declined offers to host, speak or participate in various events that cost him in excess of $875,000 to $1 million.
The former football star believes he is owed an additional $2 million in general damages for the emotional stress and professional harm caused by the malicious statements.
And he is seeking reimbursement for the $15,340 he paid to employee services to repair his brand.
The newly filed documents state that while Stewart's life has been connected to football for over 30 years, these 'false' and harmful allegations have limited his credibility and respect in an industry where toughness and 'macho' personalities dominate.

Andrew recently repeated the claims.


Anonymous said...

He already settled out of court for some dildos and a month's supply of KY jelly. Case closed.

chevychick said...

4.5 million!! Kordell is gonna own that dude. Ole boy better produce some hella receipts.

Anonymous said...

Andrew is a foolish stunt queen. Time to pay up silly dude

Elise V. G. P said...


iketernr said...

Andrew Andrew Andrew! Kordell is coming for you. You better be telling the truth and tell the court which way his dangle is angled. LOL

Anonymous said...

Andrew you are the one thirsty. You better go see your psychiatrist to get your meds so you can tell reality from fantasy. Oatmeal pie face you are more delusional than your delivert LIE!!!

Anonymous said...

This was so damn funny. Wonder if he is intentional and genius or this is a deeply troubled soul? Maybe a bit of both cuz he sure know how to work a controversy and capitalize on youtube.

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