Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Richie Sisters at Odds?

Industry insiders claim legendary singer/songwriter Lionel Richie's daughter's, Nicole, 35, and Sofia, 18, are NOT getting along...

From Crazy Days and Nights
Blind Items Revealed
January 28, 2017
This A- list celebrity who is a multiple former reality star and the offspring of a permanent A lister told a big event she wouldn’t show up if they also invited her sister.
Nicole Richie

Fun Fact: Over the past few months Sofia has been spotted clubbing around the globe with Nicole's ex bff Paris Hilton.


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I know she's 18 but damn why is she globe trotting with a washed up hag like Paris? Personally I don't party with kids.
Perhaps she's rolling with Paris to spite Nicole.

D L said...

There is a blind item about softie being a call girl and her pimp is Paris Hilton. On that days and night website.

Anonymous said...

I commented here two weeks ago and you all were very kind to me. I’m trying to only comment sparingly, but I had to say something because Nicole is actually a really nice person and one of the realest people in LA. There’s a reason she wants to keep her sister away from Paris Hilton.

-Nicole remembers ALL the things Paris allegedly said about people of color behind her back. Plus Lionel and Brenda allegedly threatened to cut Nicole off because of Paris and the trouble that followed her
-It was Paris who allegedly took the "coke mirror" photo of Nicole and sold it to the tabloids
-Paris was trying to pressure Nicole into working for her internationally, but Lionel does a lot of business in the UAE and when word trickled back to him he had an Arab friend of the family explain what was really going on and basically say if they caught her doing it they’d beat her within an inch of her life for bringing shame on the family
-That was enough for her so she sobered up, dropped Paris, and while she’s had slips she stays away from drugs. Oh, and when Nicole was in treatment, Paris would send coke and donuts to the house to taunt her.

-Remember how Paris' Vegas boyfriend lost his job, his gaming license and career when they got busted on the strip with coke? What you don’t know is that Paris owed the Vegas police a favor over an earlier bust she had as well as a piece of the money from her stable to operate within the Metro Police district
-The Metro Police hated Steve Wynn and his efforts to keep them from shaking down his family and his backing from corporations back East which he fronts for, and Cy Waits and the coke thing was the perfect public way to embarrass him in that Cy was his protégée and was to take over Wynn Operations in 2015
-And the Picasso painting “accident?” That was a warning to Steve Wynn but was hushed up to all parties involved
-The Wynn Family hasn’t caved and the police are still mad but can’t do a thing because there are higher powers that protect them

Vegas is so dirty even seasoned International Travelers won’t step foot into the city limits. I refused to book there and had a Chief of Security who would personal accompany each Traveler to his/her booking there and make sure they left the city as soon as the booking was over.

Watch Sofia get busted holding coke or end up with the gift that keeps on giving. Nicole needs to grab her sister and run. Grace has no power and a felony record so it’s Lionel who has to step up to the plate re: Sofia. I’ve already said too much, but there is so much beneath the surface in LA and I wish people understood.

D L said...


Anonymous said...

Wow 11:21....Wow and yes, you connected the dots. I need to get my mind right and read that again.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Gift that keeps on giving....Herpes. No secret Paris is herpes infected.

ellerlashanda said...

11:21 you are welcome at any time. Your tea is always so hot and fulfilling!!!!!!!! Thank you!!


Chrissy Snow said...

Thank you 11:21. I don't understand why anyone of second or third generational wealth would involve themselves in such things. Same goes for those Hadid sisters. What is wrong with these girls?

D L said...

January 17, 2017

I know I have talked about our former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort a lot this week, but it just is the gift that keeps on giving, much like if you have unprotected sex with her. Anyway, she pulled several hairs out of the head of this D list celebrity offspring who is hooking up with this bazillionaire. Apparently this former A+list reality star set the whole thing up in return for a $1M deal to buy some of her overpriced products. Our escort wanted the guy for herself.

Lindsay Lohan/Sofia Richie/Paris HIlton

Laa soul said...

@ 11:21am thanks again for the piping hot tea. You can tell you know what you're talking about because that kind of info you just don't pull out of a hat. And speaking of Steve Wynn I believe if memory serves me, he was initially push or forced out at one casino years ago, which resulted in him starting the Wynn hotel?? I think it was Bellagio?

In any event I know you don't want to create a handle for yourself which is perfectly understood because of the amountil of info you posses, but for me I will give you a nickname anyway.... hi fairygodmother with the piping hot tea waving crazily with both hands, lol!!!

Skytz0100 said...

Lol @Laa Soul, and yes that tea burnt my tongue but I had an inkling about all of this! Whats up with that drug bust tho at the hilton family private airport, spill this too, lol!

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