Monday, March 20, 2017

Kanye West Back in the Studio?

Kanye West said to be working on new music...

Industry insiders tell Page Six
“He seems to be really well. He’s got plans to put another album out and tour again, but he’s managing his workload and taking it slower.”
“He’s been in the studio. He’ll likely release something soon.”


Chrissy Snow said...

With the Tv show failing, fashion line failing and Kim sitting at the bottom of the hoe ladder, the only thing he has left is music. Back to work Kunte!
Has he gone back to his Valley girl personality or trying someone new this time?

Anonymous said...

Stolen new sounds and techniques from unknown artists. Typical Koonye

Anonymous said...

I look forward to his music. I just hope he is really getting help and pacing himself. No one should ignore their mental health. God cover him. And even if the ancestors are a little salty with him, may they (with Donda) guide him on his path.

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