Thursday, March 16, 2017

Manny Halley Accused of Ripping Off Young Thug

Keyshia Cole's former manager Manny Halley accused of credit card theft and bouncing checks by his client Young Thug...

From The Jasmine Brand
[Young] Thug is taking legal action and his attorney has threatened to contact LAPD’s criminal department. Thug’s team is pretty detailed with their allegations against Manny. They claim Manny attempted to charge over $200,000 to one of Thug’s business manager’s employees.
In addition to charging up credit cards, they claim that Manny has also been bouncing checks.


Anonymous said...

Sounds about right.

Angela Peterson said...

Is this why Keyshia parted ways with him?

LaShawn Hall said...

What about Mr. Chow's? Is that going under too?

Anonymous said...

I think all the big thieves in the industry are all in cahoots to take all the new comers bread
But I thought younga thugga was rich
And things like this doesnt matter to him

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