Friday, March 10, 2017

Mel B's Hubby to Blame for Spice Girls Reunion Fail?

Last month there were rumors that former Spice Girl Mel B's husband, Stephan Belafonte, had been caught cheating while she was starring in a Broadway play [click here if you missed that].

Has Stephan's roving eye caused more trouble..?

Sounds like it and this time it might cost us that long-awaited Spice Girls reunion.

From Crazy Days and Nights
June 2, 2016
This foreign born close to a permanent A list celebrity because of her group turned reality host has yet to apologize to a now former co-worker. The reason for the apology would be the husband of the celebrity hitting on the former co-worker. The former co-worker was really upset by it.
Mel B, Mel C


Anonymous said...

why is he always the biggest face in every picture and she's a background extra? he needs to go sit down somewhere hogging up the camera with his fat face and take his eyes with him

LaShawn Hall said...

He's an attention whore!!!!

Anonymous said...

"This foreign born close to a permanent A list celebrity"


Tia of fakenewspapersdotcom said...

Well, we'll never know!

Felicia said...

Why should she apologize???

The Dark Side said...

This guy must be a real fun to live with? Does she support him while he runs around on her?

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